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NAVIPartner | La soluzione Retail a 360 gradi

NAVIPartner is the omnichannel retail solution developed directly in Business Central, implemented to support retail chains, e-commerce, museums and attractions.

NAVIPartner manages all business tasks and processes, allowing to convey data from different and heterogeneous systems: it makes available in real time the sales of all company’s channels, collecting data in a single place making the business intelligence be fast and precise.

Thanks to the partnership with NaviPartner we can propose a future -proof POS system.
NP Retail is a cloud-based Point of Sales All-In-One, with vertical solutions
dedicated to e-commerce, museums and attractions around the world, optimizing payments, inventory, accounting and reporting.

Un modello di gestione di vendita del futuro

The retail verticalization of Microsoft Dynamics BC offers the opportunity to simplify and optimize the sales system through cloud technology.
It is the platform where you can pursue the growth ambitions of turnover and resource management.

Resellers always focus on ROI, with the precision of this system they can instead devote themselves to offering an ever better sale experience.

The benefits of a retail system with DyFlowing:

  • It is easier to collect and store data
  • create effective and targeted marketing campaigns
  • provides an overview of all retail activity