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Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

is an all-in-one management solution that delivers a modern and distributed user experience on the cloud or on-premises as needed.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central is the Microsoft ERP dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. Born from the historic Microsoft Navision, it is chosen by our customers for its simplicity, because it is intuitive and easy to customize, integrated with the entire Microsoft ecosystem, and is extremely innovative.

BC is part of a platform that includes many tools natively integrated with each other, such as Office, Dynamics for Sales, Power Platform and the whole dataverse world, as well as being easily integrated with systems outside Microsoft world thanks to native API interfaces and WebServices.

In DyFlowing we have professionals with heterogeneous skills who have been working for years in the complex sectors of paper converting and printing, in the world of nurseries, and thanks to Business Central, as a collector of data generated by all the systems present in the company, we allow to obtain a real omnichannel management of information flows.

  • Speed up the financial closure, create graphics for performance and improve the precision of your decisions while maintaining compliance and security.
  • Optimize profitability with an end-to-end display between operations, purchases, production, inventory and warehouse management.
  • Plan and monitor your projects with real -time metrics on resources, profitability, activities and progress.
  • Protect your data, respect the right to customer privacy and make your company suitable to meet the GDPR requirements.

Guide the company wherever you are! Perform activities also on mobile!

Applicativi Verticali

To meet specific market needs.