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Are you a recent graduate or graduating enthusiast of technology and want to enter the world of IT consultancy?

Dyacademy is the training course for you

You will have the opportunity to experience everything our teachers will teach you.

L’Academy è organizzata da DyFlowing in collaborazione con L’Università di Messina per introdurre gli studenti al mondo della consulenza ICT sulla piattaforma Microsoft.


The Academy training includes a four day commitment per week, to a total duration of four months.

Final goal

The achievement of Microsoft certification

Dyflowing hiring with the possibility of working directly from Messina or in the Milan office.

Participation in the Academy is free

The lessons take place both online and in person at our Messina headquarter.
The calendar is flexible, with the tutor of the team of belonging and with the most important figures of the company, so as to reconcile everyone’s smart work.

Entra nel mondo della DyAcademy

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