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This is DyFlowing!DyPeople!

It’s an inovative Italian PMI operating in IT

supporting companies in management control

and digitalization of business activities.

Our name “DyFlowing” comes from the main services platform, Microsoft Dynamics, added to something fluid, pervasive and unexpected, optimizing skills and business.


let people feel extraordinary, they do extraordinary things.

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Business Areas

DyFlowing support companies in the digital transformation, starting from solutions designed to automate and interconnect IT system.

We offer ERP software and solutions based on Microsoft technologies, to follow change and technological evolution. Find out in our Business Areas the best solution for you.


Are you a graduate? Since 2021 we have a great training path to enter in Microsoft, ERP and ICT consultancy world.

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Cerchiamo nuovi talenti

Inclusivity, sharing and transparency at every level: we aim every day for a cultural change that brings innovation.